15.10.2018 - Edition d'Or (Volume 53): The Michael Mahler Collection

(wm) “U.S. Civil War Era Fiscal History Panorama - The Michael Mahler Collection” (Edition d’Or Volume 53) begins with six words that express the author’s opinion about philatelic literature and documentation: "Stamps whisper, covers speak, documents scream!” - Stamps whisper, covers speak, documents scream! Dr. Michael Mahler has always kept this saying in mind: in his life he has built up twelve fiscal philately exhibits, many of which have won gold awards.
The subject of the book is unusual; it is the first time that such a theme has been taken into account in the “Edition d'Or” book series. Unusual, but well suited as a model, is the extensive technical and biographical introduction to the documented exhibit, in which he has compiled an almost unmanageable wealth of interesting fiscal documents from the time of the American Civil War. Anyone who believes that such a task can be easily realized will change his opinion rapidly when he dives in the enormous number of documents and the 39 individual parts that this collection consists of.
The large format book (A4+) comprises 201 pages and is bound in hardcover and protected by a dust jacket. The colour reproductions are excellent; they will please not only the connoisseurs, but also all those philatelists who have an interest in this kind of documentation. The book is available for 69 Euro (plus postage and packing) at the auction house Heinrich Köhler, Wilhelmstrasse 48, 65183 Wiesbaden (Germany), telephone 0611/393 81, E-Mail, web address