10.10.2018 - Michel: specialized catalogues of Liechtenstein and Switzerland

(wm) The 37th edition of MICHEL’s specialised Liechtenstein catalogue has been available for a number of weeks now. On 504 pages this hardcover publication contains elaborate information about the collecting area Liechtenstein, beginning with pre-philately and continuing with stamps, postal stationery and numismatics. Also special areas such as forerunners, airmail, zeppelin mail, military mail, field post, prisoner of war mail and internment mail are catalogued.
Zeppelin mail and numismatics in particular show significant price increases, with prices generally being shown in euros and Swiss francs in the catalogue. The reader will find around 23,000 quotations and over 2,400 illustrations. The editorial focus of this new edition was on stamps.
Swiss collectors will appreciate the fact that in addition to the Michel catalogue numbers, Zumstein's catalogue numbers are also given. The catalogue is available from specialist dealers and booksellers for 46 euros.

(Unterschleissheim) In a nutshell, MICHEL’s new specialized Switzerland catalogue offers 472 pages that contain over 4,300 illustrations and well over 33,000 price quotations. It is no exaggeration to call this volume the standard work of Swiss philately, thanks to its clear structure, the wealth of information it contains and also because it is revised and updated every year with great care.
The stability of the Swiss franc is also reflected in the above valuations. There have been a number of price increases both in the classical issues and in the modern issues. In the case of the issues editions of the International Organizations, special attention should be paid to the letter evaluations. Here one can find covers of which the quotations had to be doubled. Like every year, editorial improvements and additions were worked into the text, newly discovered varieties were inserted and useful information provided by experts and collectors was gratefully used.
This hardcover catalogue is available in specialised book shops. The selling price is 68 euros.