12.09.2018 - Chris King honoured with the European Parliament Prize

(wm) On 18 August 2018, the renowned English philatelist Chris King was honoured with the European Parliament Prize in Prague. The prize itself is awarded by the European Academy of Philately (AEP) for outstanding services to philately. What is so special about this prize, however, is that it is awarded by a member of the European Parliament.
On August 18, the Czech Member of the European Parliament, Tomás Zdechovský, presented the award in the National House of Vinohrady in Prague, a stylish cultural building where around 50 invited guests followed the ceremony.
In his laudation, Rainer von Scharpen (Vice-President of the AEP), emphasised that this prize, which has been awarded for the third time since 2016, goes to an exceptional philatelist. Chris King, born in 1948, was not only president of the Royal Philatelic Society London from 2013 until 2015, he also was the person who succeeded in opening the traditional society worldwide. Since then, the association, which was founded in 1869, has been a welcome guest at numerous events, not only in Europe but also overseas. King thinks and acts European (which is a clear statement in the age of Brexit, namely a rejection of all nationality aspirations). He himself collects many areas related to European culture, but also supports research and work projects of all kinds. Ultimately, he was even responsible for the successful move to a new clubhouse in London. In addition, he is still member of numerous committees of his London association, which he continues to promote and support with all his strength.
To award the prize of such a convinced European the prize of the European Parliament, was a pleasure for the Czech member of the EP, Tomás Zdechovský. The applause from the audience made clear that the choice that the European Academy of Philately had made was the right one.

Member of the European Parliament Tomás Zdechovský (left) awarded Briton Chris King the "European Parliament Price" in Prague (Photo: Wolfgang Maassen)