05.09.2018 - The Consilium called – and the Royals came!

(wm) On 25 and 26 August, the Chapter “Consilium Philatelicum” (CPh) of the German Chapter BDPh, organized a weekend symposium. This resulted in a conference program in which more than 15 experienced speakers presented their collections to over 55 visitors with a short presentation. The big auction room of the famous German auctioneer Heinrich Köhler in Wiesbaden acted as host on both days. During the breaks, philatelists stood in front of the exhibits during the breaks where they admired the precious objects. In the auction room they embarked on a world tour through philately: from the Americas to Asia and from Europe to Sweden. The reason was that next year's STOCKHOLMIA 2019 also was brought to the forefront.
The Royal Philatelic Society London (RPSL) has over 2,300 members worldwide, among them more than 130 from Germany alone. The Society is the oldest stamp collectors association in the world. It will be 150 years old next year. The Wiesbaden auction house is a partner of this international exhibition in Stockholm. Köhler not only sponsored the event in Wiesbaden, but also a so-called ‘Come together’ on the evening of 25 August. It gave the guests an opportunity to donate generous to the RPSL and the Consilium as organizer.
“Thank you for the excellent preparation and realization of the CPh Symposium which I enjoyed as a visitor”, Rainer F. wrote and the well-known philatelist Friedrich M.: “This was a nice weekend rich in content for me and many others – one could repeat this so that the individual Royal members get to know each other even better – a successful event!” This was also confirmed by numerous other participants.
Dieter Michelson, member of the Council of the Royal Philatelic Society London, RPSL representative for Germany and co-owner of the auction house Heinrich Köhler, presented the Chairman of the Consilium, Wolfgang Maassen, with a certificate of recognition from the President of the London Society, Patrick Maselis, for the extensive organisation of this remarkable event.

Full house at Köhler in Wiesbaden! Photo: Wolfgang Maassen