07.09.2018 - Latest version of Phila Butler available on the Internet - free of charge!

(wm) Many collectors and exhibitors already create their album pages and exhibition sheets using a personal computer, although in many cases they have to fight against the shortcomings of the software used. Professional design programs, such as Adobe’s InDesign, are not only far too expensive for the amateur, but also difficult to master. The widespread program MS/Word also hides its secrets in a way that they can’t easily be deciphered for himself. Other special programs also often show limits that are unpleasant for collectors who wish to create their own album pages. Just one of many examples: some of these software programs are responsible for the destruction of carefully created pages at the moment that new pictures or additional texts are inserted by the user.
In the past Henner Ungethüm has worked hard to offer an alternative that makes it easier for average collectors to create their own album pages. The result was a program called "Phila Butler" that worked fine. This program has been recently expanded and improved significantly. The resulting software was officially presented by the German auction house Christoph Gärtner, during the recently held exhibition in Prague. Thanks to the support and efforts of the same auction house, the latest version of “Phila Butler” is now available – free of charge!
The software can be downloaded and without any license costs. An unlock code is not required. If you want to give it a try (which we highly recommend) you can go to the following internet address: