02.07.2018 - UPU names Swiss Post the best in the world

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has named Swiss Post as the world’s best postal organization. In the comparison of 173 countries, Swiss Post took first place ahead of its counterparts in the Netherlands and Japan. For the second time in a row, Switzerland is ranked first out of all the postal organizations evaluated by the UPU in the Postal Development Index.
“Credit for this award goes to all of our employees for their tireless efforts on behalf of Swiss Post every day,” said delighted CEO Susanne Ruoff. “Swiss Post is very proud of another outstanding ranking in an increasingly challenging economic climate. This result gives us both a duty and an incentive to continue meeting these high standards in a rapidly changing environment,” remarked Ruoff.
The UPU awarded Swiss Post the top scores in its press release. Among all the dimensions evaluated, Swiss Post achieved the maximum score of 100 points for relevance and resilience. The average score for industrialized nations in these categories was 64.3 points (resilience) and 39.9 points (relevance). In terms of financial services and its national importance, it was equalled only by Japan’s postal organization, which, like Swiss Post, achieved the maximum score of 100 points for relevance.
The UPU study evaluates reliability (efficiency, speed, and quality of delivery and services), reach (international networks and commitment), relevance (demand for the products and services, and how important they are to the country) and resilience (how innovative Swiss Post is, how diversified its sources of revenue are and how sustainable developments are implemented).
The study indicates that increasing digitization is posing unprecedented challenges for the sector worldwide, mainly due to the growing demand for delivery capacity in online retail. However, it also reveals that digitization is opening up new opportunities for companies which are agile, quick to react and proactive. In addition, the report suggests that an increase in investments and the creation of a level competitive playing field would boost postal organizations as a critical element of national infrastructure, offering a benefit to governments, regulatory authorities and market participants.