30.06.2018 - Recently published: Letter Censorship in Switzerland (1939-1945)

(wm) Christian Geissmann, Editor and Publisher of the magazine "post & geschichte", has published a special issue a few weeks ago about the censorship of letters in Switzerland during the Second World War (1939-1945). This edition can be used as both a handbook and a catalogue. 48 pages are devoted to the aforementioned topic, that unfolds itself in five chapters. Geissmann begins with a review of the ban on the dispatch of picture postcards showing views of cities, villages and townscapes. Then he describes the censorship that was applied to correspondence between emigrants, as well as the censorship of mail sent or received by international German airmen. He also describes the censorship of mail to and from internees in the period 1940-1945. He deals specifically with test hand stamps, censorship strips, complaint labels and notes and many more. A final chapter deals with the censorship of mail between refugees with assigned whereabouts under military control and censorship notices. All chapters are richly illustrated in colour. The catalogue prices that Geissmann offers have to be understood as mere guidelines, although the quotations that he gives also make clear how rare a part of the material shown is.
As always, the magazine is perfectly edited. The 48-page brochure in DIN A5 format costs 18 Swiss francs. It is available from Post und Geschichte GmbH, P.O. Box 56, CH-5612 Villmergen (Switzerland). Contact: