22.05.2017 - MICHEL publishes new plate error catalogue (GFR/West-Berlin)

(wm) On 11 May 2017 MICHEL published its first edition of the specialized catalogue 'MICHEL Handbuch Plattenfehler Bund/Berlin’. The catalogue describes the plate errors of Germany and Berlin since 1945. With the publication, MICHEL enters the same market as its competitor PHILOTAX. But part of the inspiration for the publication of this catalogue is also the fact that the specialist of the German Post, Hans Zerbel, no longer acts as advisor and expert for German plate errors. There are plans to install a special research group that can continue where Zerbel stopped.
The editors of the MICHEL themselves give the following explanation: 'This catalogue is designed to make it easier for all collectors to determine the German plate errors of the stamps of the Deutsche Bundespost and Berlin. It has been designed especially for this target group. Basic information of all the stamps is given and in addition to this all important special information about the occurrence and appearance of their plate errors is explained and presented in detail. '[..] 'Thus, the catalogue describes what could be included in a plate error collection and what is not. There are enormous variations to be found in the appearance of stamp images. By far not all plate errors. The differences may look impressive, but they are - unlike plate errors - they are too variable to be systematically recorded. This catalogue only contains discrepancies that can be described as real plate errors: they must be clearly visible. In this catalogue we present only those errors that are easily recognizable for normal-sighted people, without the use of a magnifying glass.'
MICHEL’s new plate error catalogue leans heavily on the contents of the specialized Germany catalogue (Volume 2). Collectors will have to decide for themselves whether the new catalogue (176 pages, some 400 illustrations and about 1,000 price quotations) has the right price (it costs 39.80 Euros). For comparison: MICHEL’s specialized Germany catalogue (Volume 2) offers about 1,400 pages and costs 88 euros. The printed PHILOTAX catalogue offers over 3,000 plate errors and counts 344 pages in a large format, and here the selling price is 89.90 Euros. The new MICHEL catalogue is of course more up-to-date. Contact: