03.02.2017 - Leuchtturm: 100 years old, but still alive and kicking

(wm) In 1917 – this year exactly a century ago - the publishing house KABE was established. For its founder, Paul Koch, an inhabitant of the German town of Aschersleben, it must have been an enjoyable experience to watch the development, growth and success of his firm, although in the course of the KABE history there were not only highs, but also some lows. After the Second World War had ended the brands KABE and Leuchtturm were independent from each other, but recently the two were brought together and now the company can be found in Geesthacht, where it operates under the name Leuchtturm Albenverlag. Nowadays, the company offers far more than just accessories for collectors.
In the jubilee year 2017 Leuchtturm Albenverlag not only wishes to reminiscence its one hundred years being in business, but it wants to celebrate the fact together with its customers. Until February 12, 2017, all customers of the firm will receive a so-called ‘anniversary discount’ that applies to almost all accessory items that can be found in the entire ‘Leuchtturm’ range. Excluded are articles with a fixed price like album supplements, albums with preprinted pages and catalogues.
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