16.01.2017 - Philatelic Press: sometimes – but not always – taken for granted

(wm) Most journalists are accustomed to being treated condescendingly by some of their professional contact, for instance as benign fools or simple water carriers. A bit strange, if you consider that these contacts often profit considerably from the services rendered by professional journalists. Even a simple ‘thank you’ seems too much to ask.
In the past, postal administrations expressed their thanks at the end of the year, by placing ‘thank you’ advertisements in the media that they have relied on so heavily in the past twelve months. Nowadays, a journalist should be thankful if he or she is found worthy of receiving a short, obligate e-mail message.
Luckily, there still are postal administrations that appreciate the careful and accurate journalistic treatment that their press sheets, new bulletins and new issues announcements receive. Take, for instance, the way the postal administration of the Faroe Islands treats its press contacts. At the end of every year the administration of the islands sends complimentary year sets to the representatives of the professional philatelic press. Another example: the postal administration of Liechtenstein also distributed a philatelic present amongst the representatives of the press, along with a personal letter that was signed by Stefan Erne (Manager Philatelic Division) and Katrin Marxer (Team Leader Invoice Department), containing the following text: "We would like to thank all those who supported us through their press work and various publications in 2016. It gives us pleasure to send you a small gift and our thanks for your efforts in the past year.”