13.01.2017 - It can be done: a philatelist’s club on its way up!

(wm) You will sometimes encounter them: stamp collector’s clubs presenting end-time scenarios. In their publications they complain about a disappointing loss of members, obsolescence due to a lack of offspring and the fact that practically no-one is prepared to do voluntary work for his or her stamp club anymore.
But there are also completely opposing tendencies. An example is the Royal Philatelic Society of London (RSPL). The society recently announced that it had been able to welcome no less than 23(!) new members. Even more impressing: it concerned only those new members that could be won during the International Stamp Fair in Sindelfingen (Germany) in October 2016. The interest in the membership proved to be so strong that a new batch of blank application forms had to be produced. Thanks to the support of numerous German members of the RPS (most of them long-time members of the RPS, the oldest philatelic society in the world) the impression the RPS made was impressive. We have to mention that the German auction house of Heinrich Köhler (its managing director, Dieter Michelson, acts as the RPS’s German representative) invited old as well as new members to a reception. Köhler also lent a very helpful hand in presenting the RPS as an impeccably organized society.

Picture: German members of the Royal Philatelic Society of London (from left: Renate Springer, Arnim Knapp and Dr. Wolf Hess in conversation with Ingo von Garnier). Photo: Wilhelm van Loo