04.01.2017 - Just in time: PHILA HISTORICA 2016/4!

(wm) Shortly before Christmas 2016 the fourth and the last issue of the digital magazine PHILA HISTORICA 2016 could be downloaded. Quasi as a kind of "Christmas surprise" the edition lacks - for practical reasons – some of the usual regular columns. But there is ample compensation to be had: readers of PHILA HISTORICA 2016/4 will find a unique historical study, written by Peter Garcarek, in the issue. Downloads are possible via
In his Editorial, Wolfgang Maassen mentions a series of changes that are to be implemented immediately. One of these changes is the introduction of a 'pay button’ that downloaders may use when they wish to support PHILA HISTORICA financially. The button is introduced because the future funding of the magazine depends partly on the contributions of the readers of PHILAHISTORICA. Still, downloading the magazine is free of charge. How much readers wish to donate is up to them. Even a very modest donation – for instance two euros – can make the difference. Please remember that PHILA HISTORICA contains about 250 large-format pages per issue and that a lot of work and time is involved. The direct download link for PHILA HISTORICA 2016/4 is