11.11.2016 - Out now: MICHEL’s Cover Catalogue Germany

(wm) Many collectors will have been eagerly awaiting the moment the 19th edition of MICHEL’s ‘Briefe-Katalog Deutschland’ would be published. Well, on 4 November 2016, that time had come. The prestigious cover and letter catalogue - printed in full-colour and containing no less than 1.312 pages - costs 98 Euros. The volume contains ample information about the classic forerunner states, the Norddeutscher Bund, the German Reich, local issues (1922/1923), German post offices abroad, German colonies, German occupation issues 1914/18, German reconciliation areas, Danzig (free city), Memel, Bohemia and Moravia, Generalgouvernement, Sudetenland, German occupation issues 1939/45, Field post, Brandenburg, the Soviet Occupation Zone, German Democratic Republic, Berlin (West), ‘Postal war’ covers, Saarland, the French, American and British occupation zones, the Federal Republic of Germany and OPD Saarbrücken.
The reference work underwent a complete overhaul. The territories that Germany occupied during the Second World War have been totally reworked and the same goes for numerous issues of the Allied Occupation Zones that were determined after the Second World War. In all cases, new price quotations are given. The catalogue is bound in hardcover and is of the usual high ‘MICHEL quality’. More than 13.300 illustrations are shown and about 47,000 price quotations are given for single, multi and mixed postage. MICHEL’s ‘Briefe-Katalog Deutschland’ is without doubt a "must" for every collector interested in covers and letters!