07.11.2016 - Swiss Post to develop its network of the future

(sp) Swiss Post is aiming to extend the number of its access points from the current 3,700 to at least 4,000. In the coming years, the development of branches from traditional post offices into the proven agency format, ongoing for some years now, is expected to continue at the same pace as today. Swiss Post envisages a network of 800 to 900 traditional post offices by 2020. It will avoid closing post offices without replacing them, and will provide alternative solutions in all cases. A key concern of Swiss Post is to ensure clarity concerning the development of the postal network. Important new features will be introduced such as discussing the network development with the cantons, establishing regional criteria and engaging in dialogue with the population in the municipalities. By 2020, around 1,200 employees could be affected by changes. Swiss Post aims to continue to avoid redundancies.
The changes taking place in society shape the development of Swiss Post and define its services. Customers increasingly require services around the clock covering letters, parcels and payment transactions. Swiss Post is making major efforts to take greater account of its customers’ changing requirements and habits. It has done so by creating new access points such as postal agencies, My Post 24 terminals, acceptance and collection points and other service points, and by continuously expanding their numbers. In contrast, the trend towards digitization is reflected very strongly in business developments at the post office counter. While many customers still enjoy a trip to the post office, over-the-counter turnover has declined very sharply on the whole – by 63 percent for letters, 42 percent for parcels and 37 percent for payment transactions since the year 2000. This trend is continuing.