02.11.2016 - JAN-WITKOWSKI-MEDAL 2016 awarded to Wolfgang Maassen

(Study Group Poland/Stefan Petriuk) The chapter of the JAN-WITKOWSKI-MEDAL 2016 of the German study group ‘Poland’ has awarded the aforementioned medal to Wolfgang Maaßen of Schwalmtal (near Düsseldorf).
Maaßen receives the medal for his outstanding contributions to and above-average commitment to Polish philately and for his exemplary efforts for philately in general, in and outside Germany.
In 1992, Wolfgang Maaßen acted as publisher of the book “Europa im Umbruch – Polens Weg zur Demokratie“ ("Europe in Transition - Poland's Path to Democracy"), written by Prof. Dr. Frank Golczewski and Stefan Petriuk. Another important feat was his editorship of the 13th edition of the official publication of the chapter ‘Consilium Philatelicum’; this publication was dedicated to the Bilateral Philatelic Exhibition Germany-Poland, that was held in Frankfurt/Oder in 2010.
Wolfgang Maaßen worked and still works as chief editor of several philatelic newspapers and publications. He is what is called a hack writer, but in the positive sense of the word. Almost no topic in philately has escaped his attention as an author or a co-author.
In its considerations, the chapter of the Jan-Witkowski-Medal mentions especially Wolfgang Maaßen's work for the official magazine of the German Association for Philatelists (BDPh), “philatelie”. Thanks to Wolfgang Maaßen's guiding hand, "philatelie" nowadays ranks among the most authoritative philatelic journals worldwide, which makes the magazine an outstanding beacon of contemporary German philately.
Wolfgang Maaßen has contributed to numerous national and international philatelic events. He owns one of the largest private philatelic libraries that can be found on the globe. More important: he makes it a point of honor to share his extensive knowledge and detailed information with anyone interested, and this on a pro bono basis.
By awarding the Jan-Witkowski-Medal, the German study group ‘Poland’ expresses its special thanks to Wolfgang Maaßen for his tireless work for the benefit of philatelists and philately.

Stefan Petriuk (right) presents the Jan-Witkowski-Medal to Wolfgang Maaßen (Photo: Hans-Jürgen Dobiat)