31.10.2016 - New DNK 2017 to be published on 1 December 2016

(mg) The name of the German firm Leuchtturm is well-known, thanks to the stamp albums that the company produces. But Leuchtturm is also the publisher of the Deutschland Netto Katalog (DNK). The catalogue, that – as its title implies - offers net price notations, provides a remarkable wealth of information for such a low-priced publication. The catalogue can be used as a reference book on all German stamps, including the classic states, Danzig, Memel, Saar, the German colonies and the territories that were occupied by the Germans during both World Wars. In addition to data that one usually finds in concise catalogues like this one, also most of the important color variations, watermarks and perforation varieties can be found in the DNK. Even advanced collectors will find something to suit them, thanks to the numerous appendices that can be found in the catalogue. For instance, information can be found about the se-tenant issues and stamp booklets of Bavaria, the German Reich, Gdansk, Saarland and more. Also the parallel issues of the Federal Republic of Germany and Berli are dealt with. All this at a very affordable price: 9.95 euros.
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