20.10.2019 - Schwaneberger Verlag awarded the German Publishers Prize 2019
(AIJP-uk/pcp) In a ceremony during the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Schwaneberger Verlag was presented with the German Publishers Award 2019.

18.10.2019 - AIJP-Directeur Dr. Mark Bottu wordt hoofdredacteur van ‘De Postzegel’
Gedurende een moeilijke overgangsperiode werd ‘De Postzegel’, het meest vooraanstaande Belgische (Nederlandstalige) filatelie-tijdschrift in Belgje geleid door Guido LEFEVER, die tevens ook secretaris van de ‘Vlaamse Bond van Postzegelverzamelaars ‘

17.10.2019 - IBRA-Homepage online!
(bdph-jb/pcp) In a good 18 months IBRA 2021 will open its doors at Messe Essen from 6 to 9 May.

16.10.2019 - CAPE TOWN 2021 reduces fees for literature exhibitors
(pcp-wm) From 17 to 20 March 2021 a World Exhibition of Philately under FIP Patronage will take place in Cape Town, the capital of South Africa. It is the first ever to be held on the African continent.

09.10.2019 - A captain at sea finds his final resting place on the sea: Ingo Maahz † 13.9.2019
(pcp-wm) Ingo Maahz, born on March 30, 1936 in Rostock, Germany, had written history with his NAVICULA Ships and Shipping Company and at the same time closely linked his profession and hobby.

08.10.2019 - A great philatelist has passed away: Hermann Walter Sieger
(pcp-wm) On September 30, 2019, the renowned philatelist and philatelic patron Consul Hermann Walter Sieger from Lorch was relieved of his many years of suffering. Sieger, born on 6 April 1928 in Schwäbisch-Gmünd,

04.10.2019 - The Bill-Gross-USA-Collection goes beyond all expectations
(pcp-wm) One is reminded of the old saying that the USA is the land of unlimited possibilities when one looks at the three auction catalogues of the renowned auction company Robert Siegel, which has been auctioning the collection of the stock market

17.09.2019 - Gary Brown (Died 14. September 2019)
The President of the FIP Literature Commission, Gary Brown from Australia, died suddenly and unexpectedly. At STOCKHOLMIA 2019 he was still a member of the jury and evaluated philatelic literature

15.09.2019 - SHORTLY PUBLISHED: MICHEL Südosteuropa 2019/2020 (EK 4)5 South East Europe)
(ok/pcp-wm) MICHEL Südosteuropa 2019/2020 is another volume produced with the new Philatelic Database (PDB). On the outside you can see the change in the revised layout.

15.09.2019 - NEW PUBLICATION: Volker Köppel: Deutsche Bundes- und Philatelistentage 1889–1945. Handbuch und Katalog
(pcp-wm) One might think that this popular field of collecting has already been extensively researched in recent decades. Volker Köppel's new book, however, brings more.

14.09.2019 - TO BE PUBLISHED: MICHEL Auslandgebiete der USA (Foreig 5n territories of the USA)
(ok/pcp-wm) In 2017 a series was started about the issues of the colonial powers. There are now four volumes for the French, British (two volumes) and Colonial issues of the other European states. But there were also states outside Europe .

13.09.2019 - PREVIEW: 25th FELZMANN-E@uction from 23-26 September 2019
(uf/pcp-wm) From 23 to 26 September 2019 the 25th e@uction will take place at Felzmann. The small jubilee will be taken as an opportunity to expand the offer at this online auction.

12.09.2019 - AEP Awards 2019 for Henk Slabbinck, Patrick Maselis and Guy Duteau
(pcp-wm) The Board of the European Academy of Philately (AEP) is once again awarding prizes to philatelists who have rendered outstanding services to philately in Europe in recent years.

12.09.2019 - Icelandic post office before the end!
(pcp-wm) A few days ago, the Philatelic Service of the Post of Iceland (Postphil) announced drastic changes that make collectors listen out like trade

11.09.2019 - NEWLY PUBLISHED: Leserbriefe: Ausgewählte Briefe an die MICHEL-Redaktion
(MICHEL-PR/pcp) Schwaneberger Verlag recently issued a press release on a new book title that clearly differs from the usual and familiar literature produced by the publisher.

10.09.2019 - BArGe Portugal publishes the eleventh issue of the free digital magazine "Modern Angola Philately".
(rk/pcp) The Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Portugal and former colonies e.V. im BDPh e.V. presents the eleventh issue of the free digital magazine "Moderne Angola-Philatelie" (MAP).

10.09.2019 - A new stamp catalogue for the Abstimmungsgebiet Allenstein 1920
(pcp-wm) Gunnar Gruber, an expert in this field, has recently published a new work in which 282 pages with over 300 stamp illustrations summarize numerous new findings.

02.09.2019 - Free portrait stamp for every visitor!
(jb/pcp-wm) Writing letters is the basis for the hobby of stamps. This is why Messe Sindelfingen has been inviting school classes to attend workshops on the subject of “writing letters” during the Stamp Fair for several years now.

30.08.2019 - MICHEL Southern Europe 2019 (Ek 3)
(ok/cj-pcp-wm) MICHEL Southern Europe 2019 contains the popular collection areas around the Adriatic with the Apennine Peninsula and the area of former Yugoslavia.

28.08.2019 - NEW PUBLISHED: Michel Schweiz-Spezial 2019/2020
(ok/pcp-wm) The collection of Swiss stamps and postal stationeries continues to enjoy great popularity at Switzerland and abroad. This is not only due to price stability of the Swiss franc, but also to the intelligent issuing policy of Swiss Post.

28.08.2019 - NEW PUBLISHED: Liechtenstein Special 2019/2020 (Michel)
(ok/pcp-wm) Liechtenstein is celebrating in 2019the “300th anniversary of Liechtenstein”. This refers to the 1719 unification of the two dominions of Schellenberg and Vaduz. This region became a principality directly linked to the emperor Charles VI

28.08.2019 - NEW PUBLICATION: MICHEL Karibische Inseln 2019/2020 (ÜK 2.1)
(ok/pcp-wm) With the MICHEL Overseas Volume 2, Part 1 Caribbean Islands A-J 2019/2020 from the MICHEL Overseas Series, the reworking of stamps from the Caribbean begins. This first Caribbean volume contains stamps from Anguilla to Jamaica.

26.08.2019 - NEW PUBLISHED: Ute and Dr. Elmar Dorr – Der Orient-Express 1883-1914
(pcp-wm) Who wouldn't like to take the Orient-Express from Paris to Constantinople? Whether it's to read Agatha Christie's novel "Murder in the Orient Express" or simply to enjoy this luxury train?

24.08.2019 - Luxembourg celebrates the 85th anniversary of the Philatelists Association
(PTT Lux./pcp-wm) In Germany and in many other countries, it would hardly be conceivable, but the "85th anniversary of the FSPL" (Fédération des Sociétés philatéliques du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg) is worth a block of stamps issued by the Post Office

24.08.2019 - Multilateral Stamp Exhibition Luxembourg 2019
(PTT Lux./pcp-wm) As already announced, Luxembourg will host this year the Multilateral Stamp Collectors Associations of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein and Slovenia

29.07.2019 - NEW EDITION: Oswald Walter: Reichsadler und Brieftaube: Private Postdienstleister in Mannheim und Ludwigshafen 1886–1900
(ow/pcp) The postal monopoly in the 19th century is a holy grail, carefully cherished and maintained by all German states.

29.07.2019 - CG-Awards 2019: Latest submission deadline is 15 October 2019
(pcp-wm) The highly endowed CG Förderpreis Philatelie will be awarded in 2019for the seventh time.

23.07.2019 - PHILA HISTORICA No. 2/2019 released!
(pcp-wm) For many philatelists and literary historians, every new issue of this 250-page magazine, which is for free four times a year, is always delighting

22.07.2019 - NEW PUBLISHED - Christian Geissmann: Field Post Numbers in Switzerland during the Second World War 1939-1945
(pcp/wm) In 1939, a suitable military address had to be found for the local work crews in the Engadine coming from different units, who were replaced from time to time by other soldiers. For this purpose, the Field Post Directorate chose field post n

22.07.2019 - NEW PUBLICATION : Edition d'Or - Volume 55: Brazil - Dom Pedro Issues 1866-1878. The Pablo Rhyme Collection
(pcp/wm) Among Brazil's most popular early stamp issues are the three so-called large Dom Pedro stamp series, from 1866-1878. These replaced the previously so-called bull's, goat’s and cat’s- eyes.

15.07.2019 - NEW PUBLICATION: Edition d'Or - Volume 54: Argentina 1867-1887. The Pablo Rhyme Collection
(pcp/wm) If a philatelist with a collection of semi-classical editions of a country achieves three Grand Gold rankings at exhibitions (here in 2010 in Buenos Aires, 2016 in Cordoba and 2018 at the FIP exhibition in Israel), this collection must be so

08.07.2019 - BDPh with special conditions for literature exhibitors at LONDON 2020
(pcp-wm) BDPh Treasurer Walter Bernatek announced that not only the exhibit fee for literature (approx. 28 Euro!) at the FIP World Exhibition London 2020, but also the commissioner's fee takes this approach into account in a special way.

06.07.2019 - AIJP Vice President Aad Knikman resigns for health reasons
In June 2019, the long-standing vice president of the World Association of Philatelic Authors and Journalists (AIJP) informed the board that he was no longer in a position to exercise his office due to progressive health problems.

29.06.2019 - Registration deadline for LONDON 2020 expires!
(pcp-wm) The acceptance period for stamp exhibits that interested exhibitors want to exhibit at next year's LONDON 2020 runs until 30 June 2019.

29.06.2019 - Chancellor Angela Merkel patronizes IBRA 2021
(BDPh / Berlin/Essen). Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) patronizes the International World Stamp Exhibition (IBRA) 2021 in Essen.

01.06.2019 - CPh leden feliciteren hun aftredende voorzitter

28.05.2019 - Speciale zegel voor editie 2019 van MonacoPhil in Monte-Carlo

21.05.2019 - AIJP kent patronaat toe aan OSTROPA 2020

17.05.2019 - Literatuurexpositie in de Republiek Moldavië

15.05.2019 - Postzegel herdenkt eerste bezoek van paus Franciscus aan Noord-Macedonië

13.05.2019 - Bulletin 1 voor Naposta 2020 nu verkrijgbaar

10.05.2019 - Voormalige presidenten van de RPS, L exposeerden in Londen!

07.05.2019 - Engels Shanahan boek een week na publicatie uitverkocht!

06.04.2019 - MICHEL doet de krimpfolie in de ban

28.03.2019 - Proefdoosje persoonlijke postzegels (NL) voor het goede doel geveild

24.03.2019 - MICHEL stelt publicatiedata van de Europa-catalogusreeksen uit

19.03.2019 - Nieuw posthistorisch tijdschrift in Italië:

15.03.2019 - AeroBerlin 2019 met een omvangrijk programma

09.03.2019 - Duitse ATM-test weer hervat!

04.03.2019 - Tentoonstellingscatalogi STOCKHOLMIA 2019 nu in de voorverkoop

28.02.2019 - Seks & Misdaad: Dr. Paul Singer & het veilinghuis Shanahan

25.02.2019 - Twee fouten in speciaal Hugo Michel-stempel (10 februari 2019)

20.02.2019 - National Postal Museum (US) weer geopend!

14.02.2019 - Multilaterale 2019 in Luxemburg

09.02.2019 - Koning van Zweden opent STOCKHOLMIA 2019


31.01.2019 - "PHILOTELIA" geheel gedigitaliseerd!

29.01.2019 - Voorverkoop STOCKHOLMIA 2019-catalogi vanaf februari!

21.01.2019 - Postzegelautomaten verdwijnen uit het straatbeeld van Liechtenstein

14.01.2019 - Liechtenstein: verkeerd portret op postzegel

11.01.2019 - Vers van de pers: MICHELs CEPT-catalogus 2019

07.01.2019 - Consilium Philatelicum: orakel in de gunstige zin van het woord maakt plaats

04.01.2019 - Een hoofdpostkantoor met een bijzondere geschiedenis

28.12.2018 - Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

21.12.2018 - PHILA HISTORICA: nr. 4/2018 is uit en jaarboek komt eraan

19.12.2018 - Post & Geschichte nummer (December 2018) is uit

17.12.2018 - Bernard Beston nieuwe voorzitter van de FIP

14.12.2018 - MICHEL pakt vlak voor Kerstmis groots uit

12.12.2018 - SAARPHILA gaat zijn veilingactiviteiten beëindigen

10.12.2018 - Christoph Gärtner neemt het Jakubek-archief over

05.12.2018 - Attentie exposanten en organisatoren!

30.11.2018 - Nieuwe Leuchtturm toebehorencatalogi 2019

26.11.2018 - Net uit: MICHEL Luxemburg 2019

23.11.2018 - NAPOSTA 2020 (rang 1) wordt gehouden in Haldensleben (Duitsland)

21.11.2018 - KNBF: voorloper door wijziging tentoonstellingsreglement

19.11.2018 - Zojuist gepubliceerd: caleidoscoop van de fiscale filatelie

16.11.2018 - Eerste deel nieuwe MICHEL-serie MehrWissen verschenen (‘Gelblinge’)

12.11.2018 - Nieuw verschenen: Die Farben der Briefmarken

08.11.2018 - SIEGER Literatuurprijs 2018 voor Walter Schiessl

07.11.2018 - Nationale Tentoonstelling ‘Gouda 2019’

05.11.2018 - SIEGER Literature Prize 2017 for Wolfgang Jakubek

02.11.2018 - Internationale Postzegelbeurs in Sindelfingen: de portretten deden het hem

31.10.2018 - IBRA 2021 presenteert zijn sponsorenconcept!

30.10.2018 - Campagne "Tomorrows Royal" van start

24.10.2018 - Franz-Karl Lindner benoemd tot lid Consilium Philatelicum (BDPh)

22.10.2018 - Barbara & Karlheinz Wittig: Filatelistisch woordenboek in zes talen

19.10.2018 - Liechtensteinse Post start pilot Mein Postfach

17.10.2018 - Günter Formery: Een philocartische encyclopedie

15.10.2018 - Editie d'Or (Volume 53): de Michael Mahler Collectie

12.10.2018 - Nieuwe website van de BDPh: compact, up-to-date en modern

10.10.2018 - MICHEL Liechtenstein en Zwitserland Speciaal 2018/2019

08.10.2018 - Prestigieuze literaire prijzen uitgereikt tijdens IBB Sindelfingen

05.10.2018 - Jury voor STOCKHOLMIA 2019 is samengesteld

03.10.2018 - Michael Sefi, conservator Royal Philatelic Collection, nam afscheid

01.10.2018 - 36e Internationale beurs in Sindelfingen: gratis portretzegel voor iedere bezoeker!

28.09.2018 - 20 jaar Filatelistische Bibliotheek Wuppertal


24.09.2018 - 16.09.2016 - ANTWERPFILA FNIP-beurs 5-6 oktober 2018

21.09.2018 - OBP/COB: op 5 oktober 2018 verschijnt de nieuwe editie

19.09.2018 - AIJP verstrekt NOTOS 2021 zijn patronaat