18.07.2011 - The Board of the AIJP is looking for collaborators!
On 17 September 2011 this year´s Congress of AIJP will be held in Chur (Switzerland). Not only it is the first time that an annual AIJP-congress is held at a multilateral exhibition in Switzerland,

On 17 September 2011 this year´s Congress of AIJP will be held in Chur (Switzerland). Not only it is the first time that an annual AIJP-congress is held at a multilateral exhibition in Switzerland, it is also a very special congress : two Vice-Presidents and up to two directors will be new or re-elected.

As is well known, the functions of Vice President of AIJP are occupied by Dr. Giancarlo Morolli (Italy) and (for many years) by Aad Knikman (The Netherlands).

To our delight, both will candidate for another term in their function.

The positions of the Treasurer and the Secretary are not to be (re)-elected this year.

The situation is different for the directors. Following the statutes there are up to three positions. Han Vermeulen (Netherlands) and Pedro Vaz Pereira (Portugal), who already retired from their position some time ago, can - but do not have to – be replaced.

Basically, the board would support a renewal, assuming there are actively-engaged philatelists that have experience, time and other useful ways to candidate. As it is known, the members of the Board have less representative functions; rather they are active in areas where they work permanently in common agreement.

Giancarlo Morolli - as Vice President - represents the AIJP in the commissions of the WADP/UPU, is recruiting for AIJP in Italy and has launched, as a board member of FEPA, his ideas for many new projects in which the AIJP also likes to be involved.

Aad Knikman is both an unlikely experienced councillor, with whom we are constantly in intense exchange, and who on the other hand makes numerous translations from German into English; especially through his support of the website of the AIJP he facilitates on a sustainable way the daily activities of the AIJP.

Dr. Mark Bottu as director stays in office for some more years, but two director posts are possibly to be filled. If possible, bilingual members who understand and master English and German would be desirable. This is not a "must", but it would facilitate communication. Knowledge of the English language is in any case required.

There are plenty of tasks for the new directors. Be it in the advertising (marketing) sector, in the recruitment of new members or in other domains, like PR support at those exhibitions that have AIJP patronage or editorial work. Also organizational talents with many contacts are welcome.

What we do not need - to put it in clear and unambiguous terms – are ‘collectors of titles’, people who occupy a seat without being active. In that case a post can better remain vacant.

It would be desirable to have younger aspirants, significantly younger than 60 years, because the current board should be tapered over time. Conceivable candidates are from Europe, especially from the countries that are not yet represented on the board (e.g. Scandinavian countries, France, Great Britain). But why not also candidates from the countries and continents of the Americas, Australia/New Zealand or Asia? Others are not excluded!

But be careful: in order to remain active, we need board meetings. Everyone cannot participate always, but a few should be present alternately. The AIJP does not reimburse travel and accommodation expenses. Only for the annual meeting one night and a small subsidy to cover travel costs is paid. All other travel costs are to be borne by the board members. The annual income - to be used also for other important tasks – doesn’t permit more.

In this respect, the voluntary commitment of all colleagues is to their credit. It is a service in and for the community. Besides the work they have to bear some costs, although many of Board deliberations and voting take place now by e-mail. Following the fact that in future only a few major events of international significance will take place in Europe, the work that the Board has to do will be adapted to these trends.

I invite all members to send proposals, offers and specifically statements of cooperation by 30 August 2011 to the mail address w.maassen