13.08.2006 - Collaboration between PWO and AIJP

To the President of the Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatéliques (AIJP)

Mr. Wolfgang Maassen




To the President of the Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatéliques (AIJP)

Mr. Wolfgang Maassen


By e-mail

Collaboration between AIJP and PWO

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Maassen, the energetic and open-minded President of AIJP, for having invited me, in my quality of President of the PWO, to join the prestigious AIJP, an organization that has represented for decades the interest of philatelic journalists.

PWO has been created in order to promote, support and develop philately through philatelic webmastering. It represents the interests of its members with other organizations that are related to philately, for example in what concerns the organization of website competitions.

PWO is a young organization, having been created in 2001. It counts at this time about 350 philatelic webmasters from the whole world, and lists over 400 of their sites on the PWO site.

The philatelic webmasters bring together to the Web what they love so much: unparalleled information about their hobby, combined with their knowledge of webmastering. Philatelic webmastering developed into an interesting, modern, popular and efficient activity that serves to popularize stamp collecting.

Some excellent sites of PWO-affiliated webmasters were awarded Best Web Site awards, in different classes, by the FIP, by the French Academy Internet Award from L´Académie de Philatélie, etc.

In collaboration with UPU, PWO has fought since its creation against the proliferation of illegal, undesirable and excessive stamps.

PWO has found in AIJP an excellent partner, one that states that it is: “absolutely necessary to better support the needs of authors involved in digital publishing.”

Based of the practical experience of its members, PWO is ready to bring its contribution, related to its domains of competence, for example in helping all those who wish to make their first experience with philatelic sites or in the elaboration of future regulation for the websites competitions and in their efficient organization.

In order to learn more about AIJP, we recommend to all PWO members to visit the interesting website of this organization at The members of AIJP are kindly invited to find out more about PWO and about its members by visiting its site:

I’m confident that the future close collaboration between AIJP and PWO will help both organizations in their efforts of helping worldwide philately to go past its present stagnation in the domain of digital media. This collaboration will also ensure to philatelic webmastering the place that it deserves in the general landscape of the philatelic movement.

With kind regards,

Victor Manta

PWO President and Founder


Here the answer of the president of the AIJP:

Collaboration PWO – AIJP

Dear Mr. Manta,

I am very excited that you – representing your organization – became a member of AIJP given that there are a lot of commonalities between our two groups.

Literature, its creation, production, and dissemination, has found media and methods in the thousands of years of its existence to make possible the communication of people with people. With the development of written language the spoken word became mobile, no matter whether it was written on rock, clay, slate, leather, papyrus, parchment, or paper and later – after the invention of the printing press – printed.

We are once again at a turning point in time in which the words usually printed on portable media can now be disseminated, saved, and used any time bodyless and digitally. Thus, as of the last 25 years entirely new possibilities have opened to private users, especially authors and journalists in philately. As the world organization of this target group, recognized by all international organizations of collectors (FIP), commerce (IFSDA) and catalogue publishers (ASCAT), the AIJP represents the interests of authors and journalists in the forum of the World Association for the Development of Philately at the Universal Postal Union.

The AIJP makes the assumption that a successful representation of interests is completely independent from the ways and methods that authors use in their work and that there is no difference in value between them as long as the work content suffices for the demands of the corresponding medium and journalistic contents. This general valuation, however, also signifies the obligation to give the same rank and value to digitally created and disseminated literature that it basically deserves.

We also consider with concern that this thought has not been shared and put into practical regulations by all circles of organized philately, even including international exhibitions. There have been promising attempts, but these seem to have been viewed in certain circles with skepticisim.

With the PWO the AIJP will demand a visible improvement of this situation and demand together that digitally created and disseminated literature, including philately websites, receive full recognition if they maintain the necessary standards.

We have – and are entirely aware of this – brought more suggestions but also concrete helpful thoughts on regulation than we had done previously. This will only be possible through common work between the concerned and the experienced, thus all of those that have had familiarity with the digital world of the Internet for years.

That is why I call all interested webmasters to support us in this matter and give the PWO concrete suggestions about the AIJP as to what form regulations should be develope that would allow exhibitions and smaller events to recognize the lasting and often technically and literarily work-intensive efforts online of webmasters.

Similar to the way the AIJP works in its publications (bulletins) on having necessary and useful standards to improve authorial work, contributions would be desirable that put interested authors and journalists in a position to make the jump from printed media to digital platforms. Perhaps apparent lack of interest or skepticism is only the result of fearful concerns and insecurity, - including about one’s own capabilities and possibilities.

Our two organizations should intensively cooperate to commonly improve the current rather unhappy situation.

Thus, I am looking forward to a good collaboration and I am sure you will not mind if I, as president of the AIJP, suggest to you a visit to our website begun a year ago with modest means just as I will recommend your website ( to our members. I wish our collaboration much success!


Wolfgang Maassen

President of the AIJP