22.11.2005 - On-line service for free!
Any AIJP member recruiting a new AIJP member will receive a copy of the well-known INTERPHILA 2005 address book completely free of charge.

As many know, MICHEL´s on-line stamp catalogue is a unique research and reference medium for collectors, journalists and editors. It offers the essential data of about 577.000 stamps, classified in more than 2.000 areas. The contents of the four volumes of MICHEL´s Europe Catalogue have been fed in this on-line database and the same goes for the Volumes 1-10 of the Overseas Catalogue and the Germany Catalogue from 1945. The on-line catalogue is updated continuously by the Schwaneberger Verlag, publisher of the MICHEL catalogues.

Normally, if you want to make use of this vast database, you will have to pay a fee of - at the moment - four Euros per month. But there is good news for AIJP members: as an official partner of the AIJP, Schwaneberger Verlag is offering the services of the on-line catalogue for free to every journalist who is an AIJP member!

Apart from the condition that one has to be an AIJP member, there is the condition that, after one´s investigation and the utilization of the MICHEL on-line catalogue, the resulting article or publication should contain a credit line, for instance Illustrations and data used in this article could be obtained thanks to the use of MICHEL´s on-line stamp catalogue; we would like to thank Schwaneberger Verlag for their kindness.

The AIJP is happy that in this way their members can profit from a service that represents a value that outbids their annual membership fees. The organisation would like to thank the Schwaneberger Verlag for their generous support.

Members of the AIJP wishing to profit from the MICHEL offer are advised to send an e-mail to, requesting free admission to the on-line stamp catalogue. They should state their AIJP membership number. After validation, they will receive a password that will give them entrance to the on-line catalogue.