23.10.2005 - AIJP-News, October 2005
The new AIJP-Bulletin: from a magazine to a book

The last few years, the Bulletins of the AIJP consisted of only 40 pages. In this regard, the latest issue of the Bulletin (October 2005) must give the impression of a real book: it contains 84 pages.

In the Bulletin of October numerous contributions with regard to the current development of the AIJP as an association can be found. The new Bulletin informs about the Congress and proceedings of the recent FEPA exhibition in Brno. But also information is to be found about the recently introduced possibilities of AIJP patronages and partnerships.

In the more informative part of the Bulletin, hints and do´s and don´ts for philatelic authors are presented. One of the other editorial contributions concerns the problems that philatelic journalists and authors will be confronted with, when seeking entrance to the international stamp exhibition Washington 2006.

An article about libraries can be found in the new Bulletin, and also obituaries of two recently deceased, renowned philatelists, Pierre Séguy and Alexander Kroo, are inserted. Another, rather substantial article concerns the German postal administration, that acts as publisher of new German stamp issues. Especially the over-protective attitude of this organisation with regard to the reproduction of new issues is criticised.

Another contribution in the Bulletin throws its light on a new activity of the AIJP: the AIJP Homepage

All contributions in the October 2005 issue of the AIJP Bulletin are in German, although a part of them can be read in English as well. Members of the AIJP receive the Bulletin totally free of charge, since the subscription is included in their yearly dues of only 30 Euros per annum.

Contact: AIJP-Generalsekretariat, c/o Schwaneberger Verlag, Herrn Jochen Stenzke, Ohmstraße 1, 85716 Unterschleissheim, Germany.