19.10.2005 - AIJP Defends the Interests of the Philatelic Press during WADP Meeting
A meeting of the World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP) has been held on October 17, 2005 in Berne

A meeting of the World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP) has been held on October 17, 2005 in Berne (Switzerland). The WADP is a subsidiary of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Members - apart from the AIJP - are FIP (the International Federation for Philately), IFSDA (International Federation of Stamp Dealer´s Associations) ASCAT (the international association of publishers of stamp catalogues and stamp magazines).

In the last few years, the WADP has committed itself mostly to taking measures that provided stronger protection for postal administrations, especially those in developing countries. In this regard, the enduring fight against illegal issues can be mentioned.

In a paper for the WADP meeting in Berne, AIJP-president Wolfgang Maassen, pleaded strongly that the WADP adapts new policies. He pointed out that for many years now the emphasis of the WADP has been on the kind of ´development aid´ that a number of lesser blessed countries have been profiting of. Now is the time, he said, to take in account the damaging ´marketing developments´ many stamp-issuing countries have undertaken, especially those administrations that are active in the more ´developed´ countries.

Maassen criticised the issue policy and marketing tactics as well as the Internet and other publishing activities of these administrations. All this, he stated, is damaging for the philatelic media and its representatives. As a result, subcribers, readers and advertisers gradually turn their backs to the members of the philatelic press and their publications.

Another thing Maassen criticised was the restrictive legal practice with regard to the use of stamp illustrations in the media. On the one hand the distributors of these illustrations gladly see them used in philatelic media in order to serve the commercial interests of the administrations, whilst on the other hand the legal policy of the same distributors is a nuisance for editors and authors of philatelic publications alike.

The complete paper of the AIJP President will be published on the AIJP´s Homepage. The same paper will be sent to all European philatelic associations and institutions, as well as to organisations in a number of countries outside the continent. It will be available in two languages: German and English.