16.09.2005 - 2007: Exhibition of Literature and AIJP Election Meeting in Leipzig
As already reported on Aug. 15th, Leipzig - the German hometown of literature - and its International Centre, will host the

In September 2007, Leipzig - the German hometown of literature - and its International Centre, famous for its Book Fair, will be hosting the International Philatelic Literature Exhibition. The well-known Hugo-Schwaneberger-Verein, based in Leipzig, will organise the event in close collaboration with the official German league of philatelic societies, the BDPh (Bund Deutscher Philatelisten). After more than 140 years, Leipzig will witness the happy reunion of philatelic literature and its devotees from all over the world.

At the exhibition you can expect special showcases of early philatelic literature dating from the 19th century and originating from the host town. The exhibits will be shown from behind the glass of the many display cases, but some items will be available for closer personal inspection as borrowings as well.

In October 2005, the organising committee will hold a first meeting. AIJP President Wolfgang Maassen, who is an ardent collector of philatelic literature, will be present at this occasion. In a few weeks time, the exhibition rules - with a focus on the special rules of procedure for this occasion - are in process and will subsequently be published on the AIJP's web site,

On July 22nd of this year, the main organiser of the literature exhibition, the BDPh, applied for an AIJP Patronage, which was granted immediately and gladly, since the event serves the same goals the AIJP has nationally and internationally set: to promote philatelic literature in the best possible way.

Should the AIJP members agree at the congress on the International Stamp Fair in Essen next year, it is also possible for the regular (Elections-) Congress of the AIJP in 2007 to be held in Leipzig.