02.08.2005 - New AIJP Patronages
AIJP Patronage awarded to International Stamp Fair Essen and the International Stamp Show Sindelfingen

AIJP Patronage awarded to International Stamp Fair Essen 2006 ( and International Stamp Show Sindelfingen ( 2005

The International Association of Philatelic Journalists (AIJP) is the leading international organisation of philatelic authors, magazine editors and publishing houses. Amongst its members are hundreds of well-known philatelic writers from all over world.

Since this year the association has resumed an old tradition: it will actively promote important international philatelic events, like exhibitions and large fairs. This so-called AIJP Patronage may be regarded as a special award for any event that can meet the high standards the AIJP maintains with regard to philatelic exhibitions and fairs. The main conditions are that an event must be internationally orientated and that it is generally considered to have a renowned status.

On July 5th, the AIJP Patronage has been awarded to two well-known events in Germany; they share the honour to be the first who can mention the patronage in their publicity outlets. It concerns the 16th International Stamp Fair in Essen (4, 5 and 6 May 2006, Messe Essen) and the International Stamp Show in Sindelfingen (28, 29 and 30 October 2005, Messe Sindelfingen).

Both events will offer outstanding opportunities for philatelists: the Essen Fair especially for those interested in thematic (topical) collecting, the Show in Sindelfingen for those collectors that have a knack for postal history. The AIJP and its members will be happy to promote both fairs internationally.

It may be assumed that other international events will follow and will try to acquire the AIJP Patronage as well. This assumption is based on the fact that there are many important fairs and exhibitions outside Germany that can qualify. "We will be only too happy to welcome any organisers that want to obtain the AIJP Patronage", says AIJP President Wolfgang Maassen. "That is, as long as it concerns events that offer their visitors a high standard of quality and hospitality. This includes not only international events, but also those national fairs and exhibitions that are able to meet our conditions. Once they have acquired the AIJP Patronage, they can benefit from the fact that the AIJP and its members - editors as well as philatelic authors - will promote these events internationally, in their magazines and articles."

The International Stamp Fair in Essen and the International Stamp Show in Sindelfingen may both be proud of the fact that have been awarded the AIJP Patronage. The AIJP on the other hand is pleased to lend this "stamp of quality" to the Essen and Sindelfingen fairs; without any doubt, both events fully deserve such a label of excellence.