05.07.2005 - New Concept Aims at Improved Performance
The AIJP regards itself as an international body that tries to unite philatelic authors as well as philatelic journalists.

The AIJP regards itself as an international body that tries to unite philatelic authors as well as philatelic journalists. The ssociation brings together not only those who love to "consume" philatelic literature, but also those who produce such publications (like philatelic books and magazines).

In its ranks, the organisation has some well-known editors, chief-editors and editorial contributors of a number of well-known European philatelic newspapers, for instance John Moody ("Gibbons Stamp Monthly", UK), Jochen Stenzke ("Michel Rundschau", Germany), Wolfgang Maassen ("philatelie", Germany), Aad Knikman ("Maandblad Filatelie", Holland) and Herbert Judmaier ("DBZ"/"Die Briefmarke", Germany/Austria), to mention only a few.

The new executive board of the AIJP - formed in Brno, last May - has put a new concept for the AIJP to paper. This concept will be used as a guideline for the months to come. Main thought of the concept is that both members and selected co-operation partners should profit from the AIJP. Appropriate co-operation partners could be the organisers of philatelic fairs, publishing houses, large philatelic exhibitions, salons and the like.

The AIJP is able to intermediate between its members - many of them professional journalists - and those that are interested to profit from the expertise these members have on offer. In this way, the latter can easily find competent authors for specific tasks. Also, it will be possible for AIJP members to co-operate directly with large philatelic associations that are in need of professional help as far as public relations matters and press information services on an international level are concerned.

Members of the AIJP that act as authors or publishers can get insider tips from the organisation, to help them produce their publications as economic and as financially attractive as possible ("print on demand" being a good example). Further advise may include guidelines that show them how to structure their books or articles and how to arrange attractive lay-outs. If they want to, they can get the aid of experienced advisers, in order to produce perfect publications.

One of the many ideas that were suggested by the new president of the AIJP, Wolfgang Maassen, is in fact an old thought that will be revived: the AIJP will establish a patronage for special philatelic events that can be considered to be "top of the bill". With regard to this, one could think about events that combine key features like "philatelic excellence" and "international allure" with a serious image.

"The honour to have the AIJP"s patronage is exclusively for those events that offer visiting philatelists a complete, high standard range of activities," says Wolfgang Maasssen. "So, in future, we will have a brand seal again: recommended by the AIJP. The seal will not only act as a recommendation for making a visit to these exhibitions, but it will also help the members of the AIJP to distinguish larger events from lesser ones. This will help them to decide the amount of editorial attention that will be needed to do justice to these events in their magazines and articles."

All members of the AIJP carry a special press card, that offers them great value. It identifies them as professional members of the philatelic press and it enables them therefore to enter main philatelic (and other) events easily, free of charge and with the bonus of receiving of a free exhibition catalogue. If one considers that the yearly membership fee is only 30 euro (that is about £ 20.-), it will be clear that AIJP members get a lot for little!

"Still", Maassen says, "We don"t care too much for the amount of members the AIJP has or will have. For us it is more important to establish ourselves as an organisation that combines professional manpower with international strength. One of our goals is to promote philately, not only in the countries where our members live, but in the others as well." One of the main goals of the AIJP for the near future will be to broaden its activity range. At the moment, a substantial number of members originate from central European mostly German speaking) countries. However appreciated these members may be, in future, this will have to be changed: the AIJP wants to be as "international" as possible.

If you are interested in obtaining the AIJP membership, you can always contact the secretary-general of the AIJP, Mr. Jochen Stenzke, c/o Schwaneberger Verlag, Ohm Strasse 1, D-85716 Unterschleissheim (Germany). Or you can send an e-mail message to the President of the AIJP, Wolfgang Maassen. His address is The AIJP: At your service!