14.05.2005 - New Board Elected
In Brno, on May 14th 2005, the delegates elected a new board

in Brno, on May 14th, the delegates elected a new board under the leadership of vice president Mr. Jochen Stenzke and honorary president Mr. Otto Hornung. The obliging agenda as submitted by the general secretary Mr. Edgar Karl Haberer was the basis for the election.

Regrettably Mr. Marian Szwemin, due to serious illness as we were told, couldn't continue to hold office, neither could Mr. Haberer do. So both were not present in Brno. There was no further information about other subjects which had possibly have to be considered by the congress, apart from following the agenda. So the congress elected a new board. The votes were of one voice (except abstention in own interest). The results are as follows:

  • President:
    Wolfgang Maassen (D) (FRPSL, AEP, chief editor of "philatelie", the monthly stamp journal of the BDPh, the Federation of German Philatelists)
  • Secretary general:
    Jochen Stenzke (D) (chief editor of MICHEL-catalogues)
  • Vice president*:
    Herbert Judmaier (A) (FRPSL, journalist, working for DBZ etc.)
  • Press relations secretary:
    John Moody (GB) (editor of Stanley Gibbons Monthly)

Still in office

  • Vice president:
    Aad Knikmann (NL) (chief editor of "Philatelie", the monthly stamp paper of the Nederland Philatelic Federation)
  • Treasurer:
    Hans Salzmann (CH)

* Herbert Judmaier was elected, because the delegates of the congress did'nt know that Aad Knikman still was in charge. Mr. Knikman had informed Mr. Haberer in time that - due to his job - he couldn't attend the congress. So the election of Mr. Judmaier was invalid as it turned out later. The board will find a correct solution so that Mr. Judmaier can be integrated into the board. If there are any objections please, feel free to adress a notice in this regard to the secretary general. - A detailed report concerning the election will be published in the next bulletin.