14.12.2018 - MICHEL presented a big pre-Christmas program!

(wm) Shortly before Christmas, the German publisher Schwaneberger Verlag presented no less then ten(!) new catalogues. Their official publication date was 7 December, but the new MICHEL Germany Junior Catalogue 2019 (9.95 Euro) and the overseas volume MICHEL Southern Afrika (‘Übersee-Katalog Volume 6/2; selling price 89 Euro) were already on sale since 23 November 2018, as they were completed ahead of schedule.
The 11th edition of the MICHEL ‘Coil Stamps Catalogue Germany 2019’ as well as the MICHEL CEPT Catalogue 2019 (44th edition, 72 Euro) and the MICHEL West Africa Catalogue 2019 (40th edition, Übersee-Katalog 5.1, 89 Euro) were published punctually on 7 December.
For collectors of topical stamps Michel had some first editions on offer: “Katzen” (“Cats”, approx. 240 pages, 69.80 Euro), "Hunde" (“Dogs”, approx. 240 pages, 69.80 Euro), "Schach" (“Chess”, approx. 144 pages, 49 Euro) and "Rotes Kreuz" (“Red Cross”, approx. 240 pages, 69.80 Euro). The already existing impressive row of topical catalogues is therefore now extended with four further titles. This was made possible by the MICHEL database, which extracts the stamps contained in the German, European and overseas catalogues for virtually every popular motif with their cataloguing and summarises them in a separate catalogue.
Last but not least, the first edition of "MICHEL-Raritäten. Marken, die Sie kennen sollten!” (“MICHEL Rarities – Stamps that you should know”; approx. 150 pages and a price of 29.80 Euro.