16.11.2018 - New: Volume 1 in MICHEL’S series MehrWissen (Gelblinge)

(pcp/wm) With a small 84-page brochure, the new MICHEL series "mehrWissen" (more knowledge) is launched. Volume 1 is dedicated to the topic of the so-called"Gelblinge". The subtitle "Die Klassifikation der Österreichischen Korrespondenzkarten P1-P 24" (“The Classification of Austrian Correspondence Cards P1-P 24”) clarifies what is meant by this, i.e. Austrian correspondence cards" that were published by the Austrian postal administration for the first time since 1 October 1869. According to the author, Franz Breitwieser, their circulation probably amounted to "several tens of millions. Three months after their introduction, 2.75 million such correspondence cards had already been sold. Permanent reprints were necessary, but there were deviations due to the wear of the printing blocks.
Siegfried Ascher was already able to register many small differences in 1929. In his "Großer Ganzsachenkatalog", Ascher listed 75 subtypes in addition to the main types of the five issues, with which he attempted to systematize these cards, according to language, but also according to corner connections and variants of the inner decorative frame.
In the meantime another 29 subtypes have been found, but they have not yet found their way into the well-known manuals and special catalogues of Austria. These new discoveries are described in detail and illustrated in this informative volume by Franz Breitwieser. The reader will certainly welcome the fact that a number of deviations have been highlighted several times in greater detail for easier identification. Newer research results on printing, circulation figures, but also on the first documented usage data of the subtypes should also be welcome.
Format DIN A5, 84 pages, numerous colour illustrations, paperback, VP: 14.80 Euro. ISBN 978-3-95402-234-2. Reference: