22.10.2018 - Barbara & Karlheinz Wittig: Philatelic dictionary in six languages

(p*c) If a philatelic dictionary comprises more than 500(!) pages, then one can expect more than from the well-known usual works of this kind. That Barbara and Karlheinz Wittig’s dictionary (titled “Philatelistisches Wörterbuch in sechs Sprachen“ bringa so much more is due on the one hand to the number of the keywords - more than 6 times 1,500 in total - and on the other hand to the number of languages, because six languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese) are already unusual. The main reason, however, is different: the keywords of each language are listed in all other languages! This means that the user of such a dictionary will find six entries, which enables him to get the words transferred from each language into the other five languages.
This makes this dictionary truly internationally usable. Which is also important and indispensable in practice. Those who, for example, document themselves by reading auction catalogues from Italy, Spain or France - to name only these as examples - know the problem. The technical terms to be found there must first be laboriously understood in one's own language, something that is unnecessary when one uses this dictionary. This gives this work an almost unique selling proposition, comparable to works of this same size are probably not currently available, not even internationally.
The hardcover and robust book is intended to be used for many years. The modest selling price - 25 Euros - should make the purchase easy.
Philatelistisches Wörterbuch in sechs Sprachen by Barbara & Karlheinz Wittig. Format DINA5, 504 pages, hardcover, price: 25 Euro, ISBN 978-3-928277-23-5. The book will be available at the end of this month. You can purchase it at Phil*Creativ Verlag, Vogelsrather Weg 27, 41366 Schwalmtal (Germany), telephone [+]02163/30777, e-mail address and in bookstores.