19.10.2018 - Liechtensteinische Post starts pilot My Mailbox

On the first of August of this year, the Liechtenstein Post has started a pilot concerning a new electronic facility called „Mein Postfach“ ("My P.O. Box"). More than thirty customers have so far registered for this innovative project of Liechtensteinische Post AG. The principle is quite simple: Liechtensteinische Post AG sorts the pilot customers' letter mail according to defined rules, scans it in its in-house scan centre and delivers the scanned mail to the customer's personal electronic mailbox (, which is also provided by Liechtensteinische Post AG. Access to the P.O. box is secured by a mobile phone signature of the company FLZ Anstalt, a Liechtenstein subsidiary of the Austrian A-Trust, which was used for the first time in Liechtenstein. In addition, the servers for the "My P.O. Box" application are located in a computer centre in Liechtenstein.
The pilot operation is limited to six months and free of charge for all pilot customers. After the pilot phase, all participants commit themselves to fill out a detailed questionnaire, which helps to identify optimization potential and further customer wishes in order to define a future service offer. It is still possible to register for the pilot operation. Further information with a registration form can be found at