28.09.2018 - 20 years Philatelic Library Wuppertal

(Hans-Jürgen Dobiat, A.I.J.P.) At the end of 1998, stamp collectors and stamp clubs founded the “Philatelistische Bibliothek Wuppertal e.V.”. The association is registered in the register of associations at the district court of Wuppertal. The tax office of Wuppertal-Elberfeld recognized the library as a non-profit association.
Chairman was Hans-Jürgen Dobiat. Claus Malangeri was elected as his deputy. Bernd Braches takes care of the finances of the association. All three are still in their positions. Managing Director was Lothar Stiebel in 1998, followed years ago by Volker Liek.
At first, the library was housed in the rooms of the district library in Ronsdorf. The first titles were recorded and adjusted in 1999. In the first year, more than 600 books have already been recorded and posted. Thanks to an advertising leaflet by the auction house Ulrich Felzmann, the library was advertised during the IBRA World Exhibition in Nuremberg. The success was great. In the months following IBRA, letters and packages of literary donations arrived at the library. The first permanent loaners made literature available. In addition to a lady from Berlin, the study groups Poland and Yugoslavia were also part of it. In the meantime, the Greek Association has also given its library as a permanent loan. The stock has grown continuously and today comprises around 17,000 titles.
A few years ago, the library had to move from the rooms of the city library to a school pavilion. The building was demolished and replaced by a new building. There was no room for the library in the new building. The search for suitable rooms began. The association was supported in its search by the City Library and the City of Wuppertal. Finally they found a new home in old barracks. The rooms were renovated in-house and the move was also carried out with private cars and many helpers. To date, the original two rooms have been extended to four. Nevertheless, there is still not enough space.
At the NAPOSTA 2001 in Wuppertal, the library presented a catalogue with over 2,500 titles. Today the library offers a CD with the current status. Excerpts for specific areas or topics are also welcome. The Wuppertal Philatelic Library was successfully represented with a stand at the IPHLA 2012 in Mainz.
All activities are financed by the voluntary work of the members as well as by membership fees and donations. Among the supporters are a Wuppertal bank and several auction houses that are members of the library.
A few years ago, the Wuppertal painter Klaus Burandt designed the logo of the Philatelic Library. It shows a suspended train leaving a stop that is a book.
On 17 September 2018, an exhibition opened its doors in the rooms of the City Library. The rooms of the municipal library are located in the district of Elberfeld, at Kolpingstraße 8; the exhibition is open for visitors until October 5, 2018 during the opening hours of the municipal library.
Orders for the special postmark and the special envelope (blank Euro 1,50; addressed Euro 2,50) to Bernd Braches, Vohwinkeler Feld 8, 42327 Wuppertal ( ). Contact the library at or