25.06.2018 - New MICHEL plate error catalogue German Reich (1872-1945)

(ok/Unterschleissheim) The second edition of MICHEL’s specialized catalogue ‘Plattenfehler des Deutschen Reiches 1872–1945‘ is all about stamps with plate errors. The target group for this catalogue consists of philatelic researchers, people with a soft spot for varieties and those collectors who have a keen eye for stamps that seem to be perfectly normal, but have aberrations that make them more interesting because of their larger scarcity.
‘Plattenfehler des Deutschen Reiches 1872–1945‘ includes all official postage stamps of the German Reich, including official stamps and telegraph stamps as well as semi-official airline stamps for which plate errors were previously recorded. In addition to the basic cataloguing of the stamps, their defects are also presented in extensively, with pictures that show the plate errors in detail. Price notations are also detailed; there are up to five price columns to be found in the catalogue.
As said, this is the second edition of MICHEL’s plate error catalogue. In comparison with its predecessor, the new catalogue shows more than 100 newly discovered plate errors. For the first time the plate flaws of the so-called breast plate (‘Brustschild’) issues (1872-1874) are included. All in all, 200 pictures of plate errors have been added, which means that the total amount of illustrations is now over 1,000.
‘MICHEL Plattenfehler des Deutschen Reiches 1872–1945‘ (2nd edition), 15x22.5 cm, 96 pages, more than 1,000 illustrations, about 3,000 price quotations, in colour, paperback. Selling price: 29.80 euros. Available in stamp shops and on the internet (