21.06.2018 - MICHEL presents a new edition of its Specialised Austria Catalogue (2018)

(ok / Unterschleißheim) It has a clear structure, offers a wealth of information and is updated to the utmost: we’re talking about the latest edition of MICHEL’s specialised Austria catalogue (‘MICHEL-Österreich Spezial 2018’). The catalogue contains 736 pages, presents more than 6.800 illustrations and far more than 40.000 price quotations. All in all, this catalogue may be considered to be a standard work that should be part of the libraries of all Austria collectors.
Many price increases can be found, especially where it concerns the stamps that were issued in the period 2002-2010. The same goes for issues of the Austrian Post in the Levant, Crete and the Erste Donau-Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft (DDSG). There are even price notation differences between the recently issued MICHEL Europe Catalog Part 1 and the specialised Austria catalogue that we review here.
As could be expected from the hard-working editorial staff of MICHEL, again numerous editorial improvements and additions have been incorporated into the catalogue contents. A large number of new varieties were added and almost all of them are depicted in full colour. The so-called Automatenmarken (ATM-stamps) have, as far as it concerns the more recent years, been divided into new and old types of printing.
MICHEL Specialised Austria Catalogue; 39th edition, format 15.5 x 23 cm, 736 pages, 6,800 illustrations and more than 40,000 price quotations, in colour, hardcover with reading ribbon. Selling price: 68 euros. Available from June 22, 2018 in philatelic shops, quality book shops and via the internet (