18.06.2018 - Michel’s new North America catalogue about to appear

The latest version of MICHEL’s North America Catalogue (edition 2018, ‘Übersee-Katalog 1.1’) includes some of the most popular collecting areas in the ‘Outside Europe’ sector, like the United States of America and Canada. But there are also countries to be found that are closely related to Europe, like Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, a part of France with a special political status.
Throughout the catalogue you will find clear tracks of the careful editorial revision that this part of the ‘Übersee’-volumes has underwent. The focus of the editorial staff has been on the processing and updating of price quotations, especially those of the USA. Practically everywhere lively price movements can be found. It has also been possible to replace a number of black-and-white pictures with coloured ones, especially seen where it concerns the United States of America, where now all issues from 1947 on are shown in colour.
MICHEL-Nordamerika 2018 (ÜK 1.1); 42nd edition, format 15.5 x 23 cm, 704 pages, more than 7,000 pictures (mostly in colour) and about 35,000 price quotations, bound in hardcover with reading ribbon. Selling price: 89 euros. Available from 22 June 2018 in specialist book shops, stamp shops and on the Internet (