06.06.2018 - AIJP Annual Congress, Prague 2018

Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Location: Clarion Congress Hotel, 2nd floor, Benada Restaurant
Duration: 10:00–12:00 h


Preparation of the Annual Members’ Meeting
Last possibility to pay the annual fee to treasurer Hans Schwarz

10:00–10:45 Annual Members’ Meeting

1. Opening of the congress by the President of the AIJP
2. Messages
3. Honouring of the dead
4. Approval of the minutes of Monaco 2017
5. Report of the board
a) President (published in PhJ no 156, July 2018)
b) Secretary General
c) Treasurer
d) cash auditors
6. Discussion of the reports; approval of the actions of the board
7. Motions
8. Fixing of annual fee for 2019
9. Miscellaneous matters
10. Dismissal and Invitation to AIJP Congress of 2019 in Stockholm


Exhibitions with literature classes: Thoughs, ideas and proposals of the AIJP. Presented by: Wolfgang Maassen