28.05.2018 - Richard Renner Medal 2018 goes to Wolfgang Bauer

(wm) On 10 May 2018, at the beginning of the 130th anniversary celebrations of the German Philatelists Association ‘Berlin Brandenburg’, its President, dr. Klaus D. Schult, and the chairman of the Hamburg Stamp Association, Theodor Herbert Kroog, awarded this year's Richard Renner Medal to Wolfgang Bauer. Representing the BDPh ‘s President Alfred Schmidt (who currently stayed abroad), Schult gave an overview of Bauer's important contribution to organized philately, especially for his Berlin club. Bauer has brought the traditional club back to life for more than 20 years.
Schult: "Keeping an philatelic association alive only succeeds if you bring life to the meetings of a club, month after month, year after year, and if you keep on offering cooperation whenever possible. Obiviously, the Berlin association has been doing this since its founding in 1888 and, as today's festive event shows, it succeeds right up to the present day.”
“Wolfgang Bauer is without doubt an enthusiastic exhibitor and his achievements in this field are exemplary and impressive. Again and again, one can find Gold, Large Gold and even Grand Prix ratings on the list of his achievements – efforts that could be followed at all major exhibitions in the world. Bauer scored his points especially thanks to his Greek exhibits, but he was also interested in specialized fields, like Württemberg, the occupation of Hungary in 1918/1919 or the Allied occupation in Italy in 1944. These subject interested him both as a collector and as a exhibitor. His broad expertise has been a major reason for his appointment as a member of the Consilium Philatelicum in 2006."

The winner oft he Richard Renner Medal, Wolfgang Bauer, left Dr. Klaus D. Schult, tot the right Theodor Herbert Kroog. Foto: Wolfgang Maassen