09.05.2018 - MICHEL’s Southwestern Europe 2018 (EK 2) available on 11 May 2018

(Unterschleißheim/wm) The next title to appear in MICHEL’s Europe Series (‘Europa-Kataloge’ or EK) is Southwest Europe 2018. The volume will be available from 11 May 2018 on. This part of the ‘EK’ series includes some very popular collection areas. It is clear that France, Monaco, Spain and Portugal are highly popular, especially for German collectors. But there is also interest in the collecting areas Andorra (both French and Spanish administrations) and Gibraltar.
One of the tasks that the editorial staff of MICHEL has taken on in the past months was the cataloguing of phosphorescent issues. The application of ultraviolet substances are essential for a fluent automated sorting of the stamps of France, Portugal and Spain. The description of these stamps has been redrafted and harmonized.
As always, MICHEL has been looking closely to price quotations; they have been reviewed and updated where necessary. The largest upward movements can be found when looking at the varieties of Gibraltar and Monaco. The same areas are also responsible for remarkable additions in the form of new discoveries, stamps that could be recorded for the first time. No less than 46 new varieties were found in the catalogue part that deals with the classic issues of the Azores and Madeira.
Numerous new MICHEL catalogue numbers have been added and many editorial changes and improvements have been implemented. As we said before, there were strong price movements in many areas, from Gibraltar via Monaco to Spain, where especially the quotations of the stamps from the 1980s were thoroughly adjusted.
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