03.05.2018 - PHILA HISTORICA 1/2018 now available!

PHILA HISTORICA 1/2018 now available!
(wm) The latest issue of PHILA HISTORICA (1/2018) will inspire once again the lovers of philately, postal and literature history. There is, for instance the first part of a new series by Wolfgang Schneider about "Germany's stamp designers", which counts an impressive 47 pages. Also record-breaking in terms of its extent is a critical contribution of professor Reinhard Krüger under the title "Express delivery in Berlin in the years 1941-1944 or: Mr. Wolfgang Strobel’s reinterpretation of Berlin postal history". Krüger delivers no less than 27 pages for a highly critical review of a publication by Strobel; this has hardly ever happened in the history of philately. Barely known insights behind the scenes of the emergence of professor Carlrichard Brühl’s “Geschichte der Philatelie” are presented by the publisher and editor of PHILA HISTORICA, Wolfgang Maassen. The same author also deals with topics like "Associations - a dying and to be protected species?". He also dedicates a contribution to the early Luxembourg stamp dealer Alfons Brück. And last but not least, he continues his biographical encyclopaedia "Who is Who in Philately" with the letter "M".
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