19.04.2018 - Record prices for German colonial stamps at CG auction

(cw) On 7 April 2018 Christoph Gärtner held a special auction in the exclusive ambience of castle hotel Monrepos /Ludwigsburg. It concerned the highlights from the collection of the renowned stamp collector Peter Zgonc, to be more precise: precious items from Peter’s collections "Togo - French and British occupation", "Oldenburg" and "International rarities". The overall result – more than 3 million euros (fees included) speaks for itself.
An exquisite rarity in the shape of a red one-mark postage stamp from 1915, together with a 5 Mark stamp and a strip of three 5 Pf stamps, each with the imprint “TOGO | Occupation | franco-anglaise” was a genuine eye catcher. Christoph Gärtner, auctioneer, managing director and owner of the auction house of the same name opened the auction of this lot with 250,000 euros; a short time later he could lowered the gavel when the bids had risen to 370,000 euros.
Together with two other lots from the Togo collection, a sensational overall result of 910,000 euros (including fees) could be realised. One unused 5 Mark stamp with the inscription “TOGO | Occupation | franco-anglaise” scored 266,000 euros (including fees) at a starting price of 150,000 euros, whilst an unused copy of the 3 Mark stamp from 1915 with the imprint “TOGO | Occupation | franco-anglaise “ on a part of a letter and cancelled “ANECHO | TOGO | 4/1” – starting price 100,000 euros - changed hands for 186,000 euros (including fees).