13.04.2018 - Stamp Exchange Sindelfingen 2018: Post-historic exhibition (PGL) with innovations!

(Sindelfingen/jb) Many collectors of postal history have a soft spot for the international competitive exhibition “Postgeschichte Live”("Postal History Live” or PGL) which takes place every year during the well-known stamp fair in Sindelfingen (Germany). This year, the next PGL in Sindelfingen will be held on 25, 26 and 27 October 2018. Things will be a bit different this time; the changes are in line with the wishes of a number of exhibitors. The exhibition class with post-historic collections after 1945 has been reinstated. Exhibits on modern topics such as decolonization, the Eastern Block, the European Union or the reunification of Germany can be exhibited. In addition, a maximum of ten (instead of seven) exhibition frames per object, each containing twelve album sheets, will be permitted in the future. Also, another juror from Germany will join the jury.
Registration deadline for the next PGL in Sindelfingen 31 May 2018. Registration forms are available from Messagentur Jan Billion, PO Box 108254, 40863 Ratingen (Germany). More info on request: please send and e-mail message to