09.04.2018 - NEW: MICHEL’s Germany Specialized 2018 Volume 2 (from May 1945)

(ok / wm) Various colourful stamps showing attractive plants and flowers were issued by the German Post under the short but appropriate title ‘Blumen’. The first ones were released in 2005 and 2006, but since the year 2017 they became interesting for the collectors of se-tenant stamps. The reason: when they were reissued at the beginning of last year, between every fifth and sixth stamp an intermediate field could be found, bearing a so-called EAN coding. This means that combinations can be made of regular stamps and EAN-vignettes with no franking value. In the meantime, numerous other flowers have appeared in EAN-rolls, which means more EAN-coded vignettes that are attached between normal stamps. The soon available edition of MICHEL’s ‘Deutschland-Spezial 2018 Band 2 (ab Mai 1945) lists all appearances of EAN strips that were issued up to March 2018 and it also lists the counting numbers that can be found on the backside of the self-adhesive stamps.
In the section that deals with the German Democratic Republic, in addition to the traditionally listed combinations of two and three, now also quotations for complete sheets containing se-tenant stamps are given. For the part about the stamps issued in French occupation zone about 200 new colour illustrations were inserted.
As is the case with almost every new edition of this prestigious catalogue, a wealth of new varieties, plate errors and stamps with special features were recorded. There were also new findings in the postal franking charges of the collection area Saarland: the table of postal tariffs has been changed according to this findings.
Also listed for the first time in MICHEL’s special German stamps catalogue is the unissued Christmas stamp MICHEL number XX with faulty inscriptions.
Book data: Format 15.5 x 23 cm, 1 440 pages, around 9 700 illustrations, in color, over 114 000 price quotations, hardcover with bookmark and watermark folding table, retail price: 89.90 euros. Available in specialist and bookstores from 13th April 2018.