04.04.2018 - MICHEL Germany Special 2018 - Volume 1 (1849 to April 1945)

(ok/wm) On 13 April 2018 MICHEL’s new ‘Germany Special’ catalogue will be published. One of the many changes in this volume is the complete reworked section about the collecting area ‘Diving Boat Mail 1916/1917’. Catalogued for the first time are – amongst others – Diving Boat letters of the planned third America Cruise and diplomatic courier mail from the German Federal Foreign Office. High-resolution colour illustrations make the collection area vivid.
There’s more colour to be had in this volume, for example where it concerns the inflation period. Overall, about 400 colour images have been added!
Lively movements where it concerns price quotations are to be found in the collection areas of Classic Germany, the German colonies and Sudetenland. The auction of a large collection of local editions of the emissions of 1923 made it possible to make revaluations of this hitherto extremely stable territory, with some considerable price jumps upwards.
MICHEL Germany Special 2018 - Volume 1 (1849 to April 1945); format 15.5 x 23 cm, 1.216 pages, approx. 5.900 illustrations, in colour, over 95.500 price quotations, bound (hardcover) and watermark table. Retail price: 89.90 euros. More information: Available from 13th April 2018.