27.03.2018 - EXTREME - 175 years of Swiss stamps

(wm) On 2 March 2018, the newly opened Museum of Communications in Bern (Switzerland) hosts a remarkable jubilee exhibition that describes the 175-year history of Swiss stamps. The Association of Swiss Philatelic Clubs, directed by its President, Hans Schwarz, was actively involved in the preparation of this exhibition, called ‘Extreme – 175 years of Swiss stamps. The website of the museum explains the use of the superlative ‘Extreme’ as follows:
Stamps - Extremely early!
Stamps are not only a mirror of cultural history, but also proof of a Swiss success story. Switzerland was the second country to introduce stamps. Today these rare pieces are among the most popular stamps worldwide.
Extremely expensive! - From 2 March until 8 July 2018 the Museum of Communication presents a show that deserves many superlatives. The fifty most important stamps from the history of Switzerland will be exhibited. Together, they are worth several million Swiss francs.
Extremely artful! - They may be small, but the production of stamps is a complex process demanding a lot of artistic quality. Original designs by Ferdinand Hodler and other artists mirror the efforts to create these little design jewels.
Extremely passionate! - There is a lot of passion behind stamp collections. Collectors invest tons of time and considerable sums of money into their collection. Various video portraits give a very personal insight into their world.
For teachers, there are specially created digital / printed media for the classroom. More about this can be found on www.
Contact details: Museum für Kommunikation, Helvetiastrasse 16, 3000 Berne 6, T + 41 (0) 31 357 55 55, E-Mail: