12.02.2018 - An opening bid of 100.000 euro for a collection of autographs?

(wm) An opening bid of 100.000 euros for a collection of autographs may, at first glance, look like some kind of joke. But if you take a closer look at lot number 34,000 of Christian Gärtner’s upcoming auction (21 February, special catalogue: ‘Picture Postcards’) you soon will feel otherwise. Because under that lot number "Böny's autograph collection" will be auctioned. It concerns about 100.000 autograph cards that have been collected over decades. The focus lies on football (probably every well-known top player from any country that you can think is represented with his signature), sports and Olympic. Other points of interest are the collection parts dedicated to “Formula I Racing" and the thousands of cards that show thousands of autographs off “People from the rock and pop scene”. There is even aa small but fine part with signatures of politicians and public figures. With an opening bid of 100.000 euros – i.e. one euro a piece – it seems unlikely that the autographs will remain unsold. Interested parties may request the special catalogue of the autograph collection; the address is