19.01.2018 - Edition d'Or Volume 50: Haiti - the "Liberty Head" Issues 1881-1887.

(wm) Specialized collectors of Haiti will without doubt be aware of the existence of the Haiti Collection of the Central and South American expert Brian Moorhouse, who died on 15 July 2017. The Moorhouse Collection has been recently awarded a Gold Medal during the international stamp exhibition FINLANDIA. - has long been known. She was last awarded a gold medal at FINLANDIA. The preface to Edition d'Or Volume 50 (“Haiti - the "Liberty Head" Issues, 1881-1887”) which acts as the biography of the legendary stamp merchant that Brian was, was written by his wife Mimi. Her words will certainly touch the reader, especially since they make clear how two people were so closely connected during decades in which they shared their love and their work in philately. As Mimi says about Brian: "His opinions and certificates were regarded as the gold standard that was demanded by both collectors and experts.” In his foreword Norman Hubbard points out that Brian Moorhouse himself has set up and maintained during his philatelic life no less than fourteen(!) major collections about various Central and South American collecting areas.
His vast knowledge and expertise translates into an introduction of more than 18 pages that deals with Haiti's early issues. This alone sets this book apart from many others publications, as it provides the reader with extensive profound expertise that he or she will seldom be able to find it in this concentrated form. Moorhouse dedicates many pages to the fine art of classic Haiti philately, starting with proofs of various kinds, complete stamp sheets, specialties of the various print runs, varieties of perforations, watermarks, special features etc. Equally unique are the covers that are shown, their frankings and their destinations.
Of one thing we can be certain: “Haiti - the "Liberty Head" Issues, 1881-1887” will be the standard on which future Haitian philately will be based, thanks to the impressive collection of documentation collected by a legendary connoisseur of the area.
Edition d’Or Volume 50: “Haiti - the "Liberty Head" Issues, 1881-1887”; format 24.5 x 33.5 cm, in full colour, bound in hardcover with a dust jacket, price 69 Euro. For orders or more information: please contact Heinrich Köhler, Wilhelmstraße 48, 65183 Wiesbaden, Phone: 0049(0)611-39381, Fax: 0049(0)611-39384, Email: