25.12.2017 - Free download: PHILA HISTORICA Volume 2017/4

Just before Christmas, the German publisher Phil*Creativ managed to release the most recent and final issue of PHILA HISTORICA before Christmas. It concerns the fourth and last issue of 2017 of the magazine. PHILA HISTORICA can be downloaded as before: just pay a visit to for a free download of the magazine. This time there are even two files: the actual magazine (PhilaHistorica_2017_04.pdf, 276 pages) and a file containing the new entries of the Philatelic Library of Hamburg (April 1, 2015-30 November 2017, 146 pages), which can be obtained by downloading the file PhilBib_HH_Neue_2015_2017.pdf.
PHILA HISTORICA will be continued in 2018, in whatever form or extent. The PHILA HISTORICA Annual Volume 2017 will be produced in January 2018. The circulation will be about 25 or 30 copies. The Annual Volume counts about 1,000 pages in black and white (digital printing, bound in hard cover). The current price is 60 € plus shipping costs (postage and packing). Interested parties and/or subscribers are kindly requested to contact Wolfgang Maassen ( Please do this on 10 January 2018 at the latest; after this date the annual will cost the regular price (80 euros plus postage and packing.

This is the last news item in the AIJP’s regular column 'AIJP Aktuelles’ (‘Latest’). The next item will be published in the new year. The AIJP wishes all its members and of course all other philatelists reading this message a healthy and happy 2018!