22.12.2017 - Soon under the gavel: largest collection of American postal stationery

(cw/wm) Everyone who has taken a glance at the contents of a specialised catalogue of American postal stationery will have been impressed by the huge, almost unsurmountable amount of material that that the United States have to offer.
Bradley (Brad) B. Horton (1937-2017) was a well-known specialist, whose passion was collecting the official postal stationery of his country. In the course of his life he managed to bring together a unique collection of this material.
The renowned American auctioneer Schuyler Rumsey from San Francisco and Christoph Gärtner, auctioneer and owner of the German group C.G. Collectors World have announced that they will cooperate to bring Horton’s vast collection of American postal stationery under the hammer. The two auction houses have divided the job in two parts: as a specialist for postal stationary, Christoph Gärtner, will be responsible for the preparation of the collection for the production of the auction catalogue, whilst Schuyler Rumsey will do the actual auctioning during the Westpex event in San Francisco (27, 28 and 29 April 2018). In the auction catalogue, the collection will be documented in detail, in order to preserve the contents of the collection for reference by all interested parties.

Picture: Schuyler Rumsey and Christoph Gärtner (illustration courtesy of C. Gärtner)