18.12.2017 - Great philatelic event: MonacoPhil 2017

(wm) It was by no means only the more well-known philatelists, dealers, auctioneers and publishers who visited MonacoPhil 2017 (30 November until 2 December 2017). The exhibition also drew all kinds of people that apparently couldn’t resist the attraction to go to this prestigious event, that can boast of a successful history of twenty years.
The stamps that could be admired at the exhibition acted as a kind of ambassadors for the countries that they represented. Very impressive – as usual - was the exhibition part under the heading ‘100 Iconic Stamps’, which could be visited in the treasury of the Musée des Timbres et Monnaies. But this time the setup was a bit different, because the 100th anniversary of the death of the "King of the Stamp Collectors”, Philipp von Ferrari, was celebrated with a special exhibition that blew away everything that was previously seen. Within the scope of 20 exhibition frames collectors from all over the world showed unique world rarities "ex Ferrari". The most expensive stamps in the world, the 1c British-Guiana from 1856 and the colour misprint of the 3 skill.Banco Sweden were also on show.
In the neighbouring Top-Car Museum of Prince Albert II more spectacular material could be admired, including the unique Philbrick Collection of essays that stemmed from the German Philatelic Archive. The collection is the only part “ex Ferrari” that has been preserved in its original form.
The promotion for the MonacoPhil exhibition was enormous. Every citybus that drove in Monaco had been covered with full-fledged exhibition advertising. Everywhere printed posters and illuminated city-light posters could be seen. Nevertheless the number of visitors on Saturday 2 December, was slightly weaker than in previous years. It lacked the formerly common coaches with French philatelic tourists. Associations and participants were nevertheless satisfied and appreciated the dedication of the Club de Monte-Carlo, the Monegasque Post Office and the Principality (Prince Albert II personally opened the exhibition; see picture) – to MonacoPhil 2017.
In 2019 another edition of this legendary exhibition will take place. Special topics will be "Egypt" and "Ship Post", both subject that seem to guarantee exciting exhibits that will draw a lot of attention.