12.12.2017 - New release date for MICHEL‘s postal stationery catalogue Ganzsachen Deutschland

(wm) The new, 22nd edition of MICHEL’s popular postal stationary catlogue (‘MICHEL Ganzsachen Deutschland‘) has been changed. Originally, the catalogue should have been available on 8 December 2017, but technical reasons have forced the German publisher Schwaneberger Verlag to postpone the volume to 9 February 2018. It has been four years since the latest edition of the postal stationary was launched. The 2018 edition has been editorially revised. Technical data: number of pages 960 pages, more than 4,000 illustrations, data for the recognition of the most important differences and watermarks, about 19,000 price quotations. The catalogue will cost 98 euros. For comparison, the 21st edition (2014) had around 850 pages and was sold for 79 euros.