06.12.2017 - New AIEP Members 2017

(aiep/tm) The “International Association of Philatelic Experts” (AIEP) is a non-profit organisation founded in Merano-Meran, Italy, on 10 October 1954. The AIEP is an association of philatelic experts who may issue philatelic opinions, statements, certificates and guarantees under their personal responsibility.
During the last Annual General Meeting of the AIEP in London (12 October 2017), the following experts have been elected as new members of the association (names are followed by the area of their specialisation):

Lars Böttger (Germany): Luxembourg
Contact: Lars Böttger, 10, rue de Grundhof, L-6315 Beaufort, Luxembourg, Email Address:, Phone: +352691340755

Claus Petry (Germany): German Empire 1875-1900, German Empire Field Post Admission Stamps
Contact: Claus Petry, Grabauer Weg 30, Hamburg, Germany, phone: +49(0)405372242, E-Mail:

Ben Palmer (United Kingdom): Australian States Postal History to 1912
Contact: Ben Palmer, 7 Princeton Court 53-55 Felsham Road, London SW15 IA2, United Kingdom, phone: +442087857750, E-Mail:

Henk Vleeming (Netherlands): Netherlands and colonies, stamps, cancellations and postal history, Indonesia till 1965
Contact: Henk Vleeming, Postbus 603, NL-7500 AP Enschede, phone: +31534335500, E-Mail:

Tobias Huylmans (Germany): Memel, Lithuania 1918-1940 including Local Issues, Western Ukraine, German Occupation WW II Lithuania, Libau
Contact: Tobias Huylmans, Spiegelbergstrasse 33, D-55283 Nierstein, Germany, phone: +491702929974, E-Mail:

Diego Carraro (Italy): 1866 3rd Italian War of Independence postal history; Italy Republic, stamps and postal history 1946-today; Julian Venetia: stamps 1945-1947; Trieste Zone A: stamps 1947-1954.
Contact: Diego Carraro, Via San Maurilio 20, I-20123 Milano, Italy, phone: +39028057332, E-Mail:

Aldo Samame (Peru): Peru Stamps and Postal History to 1900
Contact: Aldo Samame, Los Cisnes 143, San Isidro, Lima 27, Peru, phone: +51998782638, E-Mail:

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